The Last Night

The last night finally came, and tomorrow we will go back to school with carrying our bags. This night is the sign that the military training will soon come to a close.

Weren’t I expecting this night all the time? Yeah, of course, from the first day when I arrived here I were expecting this night’s arrival, and looking forward to leaving here all the time. I’d never had a stronger desire than this before. Finally, this night, the last night really came, and my dream also came true. Weirdly, I’m not so happy right now as I thought about before, and the desire to leave never be that strong. I know, after the 13-day military training I’ve had special feelings to this place.

We sat on the playground to have a party, with our coaches. The photoflash here and there made my eyes uncomfortable. The coaches have lived with us for nearly half a month. They punished us, shouted to us, but we understood each other more or less. We took photos with our own coach, Mr. Duan, and the photoflash made my eyes uncomfortable another time. Finally, we lifted him up, throwing him to the air, once, twice, …

On the playground we shouted towards sky, we can’t control our exciting feelings. During the training, we stood under the burning hot sunshine and under the rain, we stepped neatly as soldiers, we solved plenty of difficulties, and we beat ourselves. Though the life during the military training is very hard, we insisted to the end. We dare to say, we are heroes!

There is no fireworks, either is beer, but we have stars and water. We celebrated tonight as in festival, because to us, this night is really a festival.

Tomorrow, we will graduate from the little boys or little girls, we are grown. Tomorrow, when we meet difficulties we won’t choose to escape, we know facing them is the only right way to go. Tomorrow, we will remember this night, the last night.

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