A Successful Presentation

Today's "Xingshi Yu Zhengce" class I've made a successful presentation, at least I think so. However, when I go forward to the stage the teacher told me to finish the presentation in 7 minutes. I said to her, "Teacher, that's impossible." In spite of that I can't finish my presentation within 7 minutes, I have to be quiker than the exercise last night. So, because the time is limited, I have to speak as fast as I can. Finally, I used more than 14 minutes. And everybody met me this afternoon told me that my speed of speak is too fast. Actually, that is because your mind is too slow.

When after the class, the teacher spoke highly of my speech. Then she asked for my phone number and asked me when I would be free to help her make some PPT. That's really terrible. I used several days to make my PPT and now I'm fed up with that microsoft's software really much.

I really gained a lot from the presentation in the class. The most important one is that I will be more confident in my presentation.

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