Adele’s Songs

Recently I fell in love with Adele’s songs which are powerful and tender. It sounds like a contradiction, but the fact is her songs do involve both power and tender. Especially the song which I love most 「Someone Like You」, and 「Rolling In the Deep」 isn’t less melodious too much. What comforts me is that Adele just looks as graceful as her songs. That really doesn’t let me down. Right now, the song 「Someone Like You」 is around my ears. And every time I heard it I couldn’t help myself singing with her. OMG her perfect falsetto makes me intoxicated and keep my eyes close to enjoy.

Yesterday I asked the clerk of the train ticket spot, and she told me until tomorrow I can buy a ticket to Jinan at 27th September. Consequently tomorrow I’m gonna buy one. And until now I haven’t planned what I’m gonna do after the TOEFL exam. The plan seems not urgent. However, the days are coincident with the National Day. So there must be a lot of tourists everywhere! What is more important is that if I don’t plan right now and buy the ticket back to Beijing ahead I may meet a trouble then. Buying a instant ticket during the National Day holiday must be a impossible thing. I don’t want to be homeless in a holiday.

Xuan and I just bought a Jijing for TOEFL at 28th September last night, and it cost us 198 Yuan. I even can’t calculate how much money I cost totally for TOEFL till now! I’m such a lavish jerk!

And we made an appointment to go to the KTV next Thursday afternoon. It’s really hard to find a leisure time for both of us. Who told me the grade of senior will be a paradise.

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