The Big Blue

Last night I was trimming my blog until 3:30 am this morning. Of course I couldn’t keep doing that for several hours. During the time I chatted with Yiru about her life in Hong Kong. She turns to be a fashionable person and the words she typed were all prevalent words on Internet. She mentioned a TOEFL test she took on 21st last month, and the total score is 97, but the speaking part is only 19 as much as mine in the test on 28th last month. So the scores of her rest three parts are really high.

I got up at 9:30 this morning, and after that I still keep on trimming my blog. What to be happy is that I already finished that work. Without lunch I went to the classroom with my computer. You should know next Monday is the Mid-autumn Festival, so from tomorrow to next Monday there will be a 3-day holiday. Even though I already have 4-day free every week, I can still be affected by the circumstance of the festival. What’s more, the weather these days really makes me feel a bit excited. I love autumn. I love the feeling autumn gives me, loneliness and sadness. All of the festival and season stuff resist me focusing on studying English. So I watched an episode of 「Drop Dead Diva」. Because there is no subtitle and I confused in several parts of it, I watched it twice. Then I should’ve begun to study. However I still could not focus my mind on it. Then, with guilty, I started to watch the movie 「The Big Blue」.

This movie is really long, about 160 minutes. I saw it on the Top 250 Movie of Douban, and its score is really high. To be honest, I don’t like it very much. This movie talks about a man called Jacques. He loves diving, he loves dolphins, and he loves ocean. The story happens between his girlfriend Johana and his best friend Enzo, who he met at a very young age. Jacques is a special guy because his mind is very different with others. He is just like a kid, puerile and simple. Enzo is a world champion diver until Jacques took part in the competition. To defeat Jacques, Enzo finally died in the ocean. The night Enzo died, Jacques dived into the ocean and never came back, and ignoring his pregnant girlfriend Johana’s begging. So this movie is a tragedy. Enzo and Jacques all died. Johana received the news she was pregnant and lost her boyfriend at the same day. What really moves me is the end of the movie, that Johana freed Jacques with her own hands. And what confuses me is that I don’t know the motive of Jacques to dive into the ocean forever, for the love to the ocean? But why the exact day Enzo died? Or is it the love to Enzo? However, I cannot tell the beyond-friend love between them. Finally I have to admit, I love the end of this movie. Tragedy makes people to remember.

It’s September now, people are preparing for the quota of graduate privilege. My GPA ranks 2nd in my major and I have several prizes. So I have to prepare for giving up the privilege. That’s really a brave thing.

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