A Busy Day

This morning I got up at 9:30 when the alarm clock of my cell phone rang though I slept at 3:00 o’clock. And I had several things to do. First of all, I went to an optical shop to buy a small bottle of eye contact solution which will be convenient to be taken with when I travel in Shandong. After that I went to the office of my adviser to sign the written request for leave, because I will be absent for three classes in the following days. Finally I went to buy a switch plug which will make the plug of my phone charger adapt to the China standard. My HTC Legend is a smuggled thing which came from Taiwan.

After I finished all of the stuff above I rode back to my dorm. Oh, by the way, I was cycling for the whole morning. And this noon I picked two magazines for the coming trip because I don’t intend to take my computer with. I think it must be boring if I have no computer to play and have no books to read either. What’s more, I just felt I haven’t read a magazine for a long time. Though I get news from Weibo every day, the length restriction of it also restricts abundance of meaning of articles.

GIS class was from 14:00 to 17:45. That was a disaster for me. The class is boring and confusing and the teacher is tedious. I just cannot stand it anymore. What was worse, at the latter part of the class, the teacher told us to give in the homework before Friday. However, we even did know nothing about what to do at that moment. The homework thing really pissed me off! I’m leaving in tomorrow and will return on October 4th. This was an impossible mission because I can’t have access to a computer during that time as what I planned. So I talked to the teacher, and he said nothing useful. What could I do? Finish the homework tonight. And I made it. I’m really proud of myself now. And I found a bit of interest in GIS and coding.

What occurred to my mind right now is that I haven’t bagged the pack! Fuck my life! It’s 1:38 now and I’m not sure if I can get up on time tomorrow in case I miss the train.

Good night my computer, see you 8 days later.

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