A Cold Day

According to the weather forecast on my phone the temperature today is 14 to 16, Celsius. I have to admit that today is really cold. I just wore a T-shirt, and because of the rain I wrapped the bottom of my trousers. So I really feel a bit chilly. Beijing turns to be arctic over a night.

This morning not to 8 am there was somebody broke into the dorm to tell us they were going to kill bugs, and the point was that we should get up right now even though I slept at 3 am this morning. Then I went to the classroom with Xuedong.

Did I study this day? No, except watching TV series I did nothing. And my mom called me to ask the score of TOEFL, and that made me feel worse.

In the TV series「Six Feet Under」, Clair said “I think I really learned something valuable. Everything I think I know was wrong.” With my age grow, I have my own thoughts in these words.

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