The Damn Ticket

I was wakened up at 07:30 a.m. this morning by Xuedong, who will travel to Shandong with me during the National Day holiday. I admitted to buy the train ticket for him. And today is the first day when can buy tickets on October 1st, yeah, the National Day. I bet anybody cannot imagine how many people were in the queue in front of the ticket spot when I came there at about 08:40. I hesitated if I should give it up. However, I have another mission. I need to buy a high speed train ticket for September 27th instead of taking the normal speed train whose ticket I already had. At the point when I was going to leave and intended to buy one in several days, I saw a school mate, Chen who lives in the next of the next dorm of mine. Chen was very near the head of the queue and signaled me to come to him. So I went towards him and settled there with shame in my heart.

Chen told me he reached there at 06:30, and I roughly calculated that there were still more than twenty or maybe thirty people before us. I knew how admirable they were! Chen was waiting there to buy a ticket for his friend. And we talked about stuff as the privilege of graduate and the coming holiday. When he knew that I was going to Mount Tai, he really gave me several useful and precious tips. He had been there in summer this year, so he knows a lot of things about climbing the Mount Tai.

The good news is that I’ve got the high speed train ticket to Jinan on September 27th, but the bad news is that there was no ticket available to Taian or Jinan on October 1st. I think the situation is just as same as what I confronted, i.e. the high speed train ticket is available to buy within 5 days to the day you leave. What can Xuedong do is to waiting.

This afternoon we went to the KTV which paid on a deal-of-the-day website. It is located at the west gate of Beijing University. And I think the equipments and environment of the KTV is better than the one we usually went to. What excited me was that I could perform songs「Yellow」 by Coldplay and 「Cui Mian」 by Faye Wong very well. This is a great discovery which means the pool of my songs can be expanded larger and larger.

We five people had dinner in a barbecue buffet restaurant as Dabao’s wish. Everyone was full enough when we left. So we decided to walk to school to help digest. And the hike took us a whole hour which I didn’t think of.

Now I am tired because of the early waking up and the one-hour walking. So, good night.

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