Exhausted All The Day

From today on I will keep a diary in English every day. Please don’t ask me how long I will insist on, because I don’t know either. All of my strange and crazy ideas attribute to the damn TOEFL test!

This morning when I got up I saw plenty of clouds outside in the sky, and the temperature was really low, I even feel a bit cold with only underwear. Autumn is coming. At that moment I recalled what my mom told me before. She said autumn always made her sad and sorrowed since my grandfather died. Autumn is a lonely season. It can always remind one of his dead relatives, friends and people he used to love. Poets like to depict autumn to express the feeling of sorrow, lonely and sadness. And another reason that autumn made my mom feel uncomfortable is that my grandfather died in autumn. However, I cannot remember the condition of my family in that special period. I was busy then because I was on grade one of high school, and school stuff really drove me out of my mind. What’s more, it’s been almost 6 years since then. I even have no idea why I started such a heavy topic.

These days I sleep at 12:00 pm and get up at about 8:30 am. There is more than 8 hours sleep time. However I often feel tired, exhausted and sleepy during the day time. And there will be two to three times naps when I study in the classroom. I think there must be something wrong in my body. How can I be so tired without doing anything!

These days I begin to study TOEFL. The listening and reading parts I depend on the TPO, to the speaking part I practice to read the SSS (60 Seconds Science), and I hope the English diary will do me a favor on my English writing. The process is a bit slow because of my laziness. So I guess I should speed up now.

From this Monday I became a senior in my university. I have three classes to take, and I feel ok about it. The classes centralize from Monday to Wednesday, so I am totally free from Thursday to Sunday. 4-days-free a week is absolutely a cool thing. I know I should appreciate it right now. I believe there won’t be such a good thing in the future.

Danteng took an iPad 2 from his brother. This night I played it for a while, and I really have fallen in love with it. It is delicate and amazing. iPad is deserved to be owned.

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