Giving Up The Privilege of Graduate

Today the school of Information Engineering has issued the details on the web site. There is only one person who can have the privilege of graduate to other universities. Aifei sent me a text this noon to ask me if I would apply for it. I really wasn’t sure about what to decide. After all it was a kind of big decision which would change my life. So I called my mom.

I described the outline of the situation right now. Then I expressed what I thought. In a word, I wanted to give up the privilege and devoted all myself into the applying stuffs. The process of conversation was not only to convince her, what was more critical was to convince myself. After that, three extra calls came from my mom. I knew she couldn’t let it go.

For a long time I haven’t gone to swim. So I decided to do it this night. And there were 7 people including me. The water was really cold, and I even couldn’t feel my feet in it. What surprised me was that the number of people in the pool today is quite a lot even though the low temperature of water. We went there after 19:00 and left not to 21:00.

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