Keep Running

Another wasted day has gone.

The jijing Xuan and I bought the day before yesterday has come this morning. However, there is a TOEFL test today, and the testers said the jijing from anybody didn’t predict right. Is it a sign that ETS is fighting with jijing from China? Actually I don’t really care about it. If jijing works, I should make sure I’m not one of people who don’t have it. If it doesn’t work, I’m glad it is becoming a fair test.

From the time summer came I stopped running, instead I swim. However, the weather is being colder and colder, and the heating hasn’t put into use. So the swimming pool is just freezing. And today I continued to run after a long time break. I could clearly felt that the physical condition of my body is getting worse. I thought after the several times of swimming the strength and endurance of my body should be better and better. There is a long way to walk on.

And there is one thing that I bought a ticket to Jinan, but there is no speed one so I just bought a normal one. The speed train takes 2 hours to Jinan instead of 6 hours normal train does. This should be a special day which I will remember because this is the first train ticket I bought. What a surprise, isn’t it? I asked Zoe about things of youth hotel. And I think I should make a detailed plan of the trip in Shandong. This gonna be the first independent trip of my life and I don’t want to make it a bad remember in the future.

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