The Mid-Autumn Festival 2011

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival. Every day I told myself to sleep earlier, at least before 00:30 am. However, when I sat in front of my computer I just wanted to stay awake, even though I had nothing to do. Last night the same situation happened again. When I was ready to sleep it was already 03:00 am. So this morning I woke up at 10:30 and stayed lying on the bed till 11:20. What a lazy pig I am now!

I had lunch with Daz this noon in school refectory. We talked about our own holidays and the freshmen who just came into university. The contemporary young people aren’t humble any more. And I think that is normal. When I was young I was just like them. I think everybody will have the process to grow up and to learn to be humble. That will be a fantastic process because you will suddenly see the changes happened on you someday.

Finally, at the last day of the three-day holiday I did a little study. This afternoon I did two listening lectures and two reading passages. Though the amount of work is little, it is a sign of progress.

Mom called me this afternoon and complained I didn’t call her first to wish her happy at the Mid-Autumn Festival. She said she got a box of ice moon cakes and they are delicious. My dad wanted to store 4 of them in the fridge for me until I come home at the end of October. I will stay at home for 4 days and I cannot eat moon cakes all days!

This evening after a long discussion, Xuedong, Zuojie and I went to Jiaxiangcai to have dinner though the price there is a bit expensive. However, there is only one Mid-Autumn Festival one year and we should do something good at this day for ourselves. What is the coincidence is that the Mid-Autumn Festival last year we had dinner in Jiaxiangcai as well. But last year they gave us moon cakes and this year they don’t.

This is a peaceful Mid-Autumn Festival, and I love it.

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