Stay True

Last night I just had a very weird dream. The people in it mixed up my whole life, from my primary school classmates to my high school classmates, from my best friends to my parents. When I got up this morning I felt exhausted very much because of the dream. And by the way, that was a sad one.

I believe this is the first day that I woke up before 9:00. After washing up I went to the classroom. I practiced to speak several SSS passages and then did a reading passage. The efficiency is too low to believe. I shame on myself.

After the supper I went to the supermarket which gave me a lot of fun. How pathetic I am. Even shopping in a supermarket can cheer me up. I bought some milk and grapes. Customarily, after the Mid-Autumn Festival the grape will lose its popular season and I should catch the timing when it’s still delicious and cheap.

I unintentionally knew one of my roommates decided to give up taking the graduate entrance exam instead of taking the privilege of graduate. Actually, including him there are lots of people who hated CUGB and swore they would go to die rather than study graduate here. Finally these people all chose to stay here instead of taking the entrance exam to a better school. The laziness played the trick.

And this night my instructor called me to make sure if I decided to give up applying. I said yes, I give up, and thank you. That’s it. My life just navigates a broaden channel. However, I cannot turn back in this way. Go ahead with full speed.

I watched a movie in the classroom this evening, and the movie’s name is 「Flipped」. It talks about love between two teenagers who met each other at a young age. Actually I don’t want to use the word love, but I cannot find a more proper and accurate word to describe the relationship between the two teenagers. I think the name of the movie 「Flipped」 expresses exactly the emotion exists between them. I know that kind of affection. It’s just like a magic.

I don’t know since when I already used to be silent. This silence doesn’t mean I don’t talk. When something happened on me, I tried to keep it in my heart instead of finding a friend to talk to. I’m not complaining about it. In the contrary, I have been used to it and feel just fine. I don’t know if it is a sign of being more and more mature.

In the ETS TPO, there is a listening passage which I really like. There is a paragraph, saying “Don't worry if you are not sure where you're headed or what your long-term goals are. Stay true to yourself and it'll make sense in the end.” Remember it, all of us.

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