「Things About Dynasty of Ming 6th」

Last night, actually a specific description is this morning, at 02:00 a.m. I finished the book 「Things About Dynasty of Ming 6th」 through my phone on my bed. I went to bed at 23:40 and continued to read the book until 02:00 a.m. the next day. I believe in that I’ve gotten the sleeping late disease. What is sorry is that this is an incurable disease.

I finished 「Things About Dynasty of Ming」 1st to 6th all by phone, and most of parts of the books I read on my bed. So I call this series of books 「books besides my pillow」. Every night when I turned sleepy after reading it I would decide to turn off the phone and sleep. So sometimes the situation of my mind is confusion when I was reading it. Besides, there are a huge plenty of characters in the books. So I cannot remember things described in the books clearly. And if you give me a name of one of the emperors in Dynasty of Ming, I even cannot tell who he is except some famous ones such as Di Zhu, Yunwen Zhu etc. Reading this series of books is just for fun. And I think the experience of reading is more important than what I remember. And there is only the last one 「Things About Dynasty of Ming 7th」 left not read. I believe I will finish it soon.

Nothing exciting happens. I’m still the old me, the lazy one.

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