About Movies

I’ve seen 3 movies in cinemas since I came to New York. The first one was seen at AMC Times Square, and the latter two were in AMC Lincoln Square. AMC is pretty famous, at least famous in New York City. Before I came here I already heard the news that Dalian Wanda Group had acquired the AMC Entertainment Holdings, but I had no idea what the AMC was like. As the official website of AMC says, Wanda is the world’s largest cinema owner now. It sounds pretty funny.

Tickets’ price of movies in New York is cheap, and every movie has the same price, it’s 14 dollars in AMC cinemas. For college and graduate students I believe most of the universities have special movie passes to sell though I am only sure about NYU and Columbia. The special movie passes belong to different movie theatres. Take AMC as an example, there are two kinds of movie passes, the gold one and the silver one. The gold pass charged at 8 dollars, which you can watch any movie you want, including IMAX movies. Nevertheless, the silver one cost 6.5 dollars and with which you can only watch the movies have been released for at least 10 days. My saying tickets’ price in New York is cheap when the counterpart is the one of Beijing. Tickets’ prices are different in Beijing in terms of different movies though, the average price is nearly 14 dollars, and for the IMAX movies, the price even reaches to 25 dollars. It’ll be a luxury of watching a movie in cinema for most of Chinese people.

One of my roommates just got a job of AMC. Thus, from now on I can watch movies for free, what a wonderful life. And a business idea occurred to me, what if I buy tons of gold passes from NYU at 8 dollars and then sell them at the gate of AMC for 10 dollars? I’m pretty sure it must be an illegal business.

The period of each movie in the cinema is fairly short, I think that’s because there are too many movies being released. For each movie, you’d better catch the point at the first week and striving for a longer period, or you’ll lose the box office. The industry of US is quite prosperous. And I found that lots of great movies are actually based on books. When we focus on the film industry in China, it is as sucks as the politic industry, or may be worse. Is there any possibility that the sucks publishing industry is one of factors makes the film industry more and more sucks? I believe so.

By the way, the Skyfall is worth watching. When the bird’s-eye view of the night of Shanghai shows, a lot of people were whispering with their fellows. I guess they were a

Marathon in Central Park

Thanks to the Hurricane Sandy, I've been trapped at home for a whole week. The day before yesterday, my mood went down to the deepest point, and I could not even watch a movie intently. So I did a crazy thing which I hadn't done for several years. That still didn't comfort me significantly, what was worse, even exacerbated the low mood. In that afternoon, I watched a movie called Detachment, which is very black and gloomy. It talks about the life of a temporary high school teacher, who has some heart shadows during his early life. Students at that high school are the so called problem youths. Pressures from his relative, his students and his own life almost drive him crazy. The teacher is acted by Adrien Brody, who always shows the sentiment of gloom. Whenever I felt depressed, I would watch something more depressed to neutralize the mood. It sounds maybe a little bit awkward, but it worked. At that night, I felt better already.

The 7 train resumed yesterday, though I didn't take it to anywhere. However, I thought it was time to go out to talk to people other than my roommates. I found an activity on the Meetup, running in the Central Park. Actually, the New York City Marathon should've been held today. However, the Hurricane Sandy postponed it. The mayor of New York City just announced it the day before yesterday. When I came to the Central Park I saw thousands professional runners there wearing professional runner suit. I didn't know this was because of the marathon or was just a regular view of the Central Park on weekends. Among the crowded people, I finally found the people from the Meetup group.

I bet this is the longest distance I've ever run. What is weird is during the latter trip I hardly felt tired, and I didn't think that was a good sign. During the one-hour run, there were lots of people standing alongside of the road, cheering for the runners though this was not the NYC Marathon. And there were also a lot of people holding cups of water to the runners voluntarily, and some people even supplied fruit and crackers for runners. New Yorkers are warm and kind.

I just finished the book 1984 by George Orwell, I think every Chinese should read at least one book by George Orwell between the 1984 and Animal Farm. 1984 was published in 1949 though, it is like a script of what happening during the Cultural Revolution in China, and some scenarios we can even find in this modern society. The next book I’m going to read is And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, which is a crime fiction. Agatha Christie is recommended by a literature professor I met some time ago. After I searched her name on Google I found out that the famous movie Death on the Nile was written by her.