Joplin, Missouri

For last whole week I was in Joplin, Missouri with other 10 people from NYU. The 11 of us composed a volunteer group which helped people there to rebuild their houses which were damaged by a historical tornado.

We drove from New York City, went through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio (where we stayed overnight), Indiana and Illinois, then to the destination Missouri. The whole trip cost our more than 20 hours.

We worked in Bryan's house. We painted the ceilings and walls, and we tiled his living room, though the floor was like ocean with so many waves. We felt so sorry about that, but Bryan didn't matter that at all. For the last two days we worked on pouring cement into walls and roofs in another house. And I met Chuck there who was also a volunteer from Pennsylvania. I loved working with him, and we were great partners.

During the whole time we cooked by ourselves, and we enjoyed cooking together. Everything we made was so delicious. We had reflections at end of days, sometimes with games. We went to play bowling the last day. We went to Tri-State Marker (which is the spot of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri). And at that night I saw a real starry night, I've never seen so many stars on the sky! I was so excited that desired to share it with others. I will never forget that night in my whole life.

Time went fast, when I arrived in New York City I kinda felt strange about everything. The looking of people, the subway, the fast pace of life. And life turned weird without 10 people living around. We were like a family, shopping together, cooking together, even sleeping together.

I made a wise decision of applying for the NYU Alternative Break to Joplin, Missouri. I kinda miss the life there.

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