My First Suit

Yesterday I bought my first suit for the coming hiring season. The thing is I haven't gotten any opportunity of interviews. I went to the Deloitte information session last week, and almost everybody there except me wore a formal suit. I talked to an employee of the company and learned a lot. I realized I haven't done anything for my career goal, and what I was doing is complaining about how I disliked what I was learning. The truth is I was in the panic of worrying about I couldn't find a good job. I don't know if it is so late for me to make this clear. And after the talking with him I apologized what I was wearing. So I went to buy a suit with the risk which the money is a waste, that I get no interview chance in the future. The suit is kinda too fashionable for a formal interview, but it looks really good. I was struggling the dilemma of fashion and formality.

Super Bowl is on yesterday as well. I went to a bar with two friends to watch it. It was the first time to watch a football in my whole life. And in the middle of the Super Bowl a power outage happened. It was so funny, and I'm curious did this happen a lot in the past or it was a rare thing.

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